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We have built a multi-talented team of advertising professionals, from brand strategists to artists. We put all the technology, tools and training right at their fingertips and tell them: "be your best". We don't farm out production. We don't farm out creative. We don't farm. We create! Stunning print campaigns, television and gorgeous web sites that burn a hole in your consciousness. And we measure the success of this creative output by one yardstick - your success.
Howard Chang, PresidentHoward Chang
Founder and President of Top Drawer Creative Inc., Howard sometimes jokes that he has never held a real job, because since he finished his degree in Architecture, he has been a busy and successful entrepreneur. With a diverse business background including 10 years on the client side, Howard is a highly effective strategist and senior creative director, who continues to work actively on all of his accounts. Howard is also an accomplished advertising photographer and brings a critical visual eye to every project.

Brian Gahan, Vice PresidentBrian Gahan
Vice President, Creative Director
Brian joined the agency in 1997. With senior thinking, experience and a creative passion, he is one of the best examples of why clients appreciate our partner model. He is an accomplished creative, having worked as a filmmaker, commercial director, photographer, designer and creative director. Brian has worked on both the agency and client side and has deep category experience: high-end retail, footwear, sports, real estate, and hospitality. He considers himself a great client advocate who believes that good creative must first be an effective sales tool. He has a B Comm. from UBC which further ensures his focus on business results and, true to his roots, still rides his bike to work.

Frank Aloise, Director of New MediaFrank Aloise
Director, New Media
Frank has spearheaded the development of over a dozen high profile brand-based and e-commerce web sites for our clients. He has a flair for functional elegance (fast, logical sites that also look great). Frank also brings a wealth of experience to the table, having spent eight years in Civil Engineering, and seven years as a Web Developer. He knows the web inside and out, and draws from a vast network of industry professionals to complement our talented in-house team.
We have 30 creative, account services, media, and production professionals on staff. Unlike many other agencies we believe in cultivating our creative talent in-house and rarely farm out to freelancers. As such, we can offer fully integrated services from strategy to media, right through to production. This philosophy maintains the highest creative integrity and reduces costs to our clients.
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